ATTENTION!!! On behalf of the Sterling Lions Club and TRI on the Plains we have decided to donate all proceeds for participants 18 and UNDER to Bryce Gilliland #BryceStrong. This is a CHALLENGE to all youth ages 7-18 to get registered for the Triathlon this SUNDAY at the North Sterling Reservoir!!! There are a few different options for different age groups!!

You can also register at the Race Expo located at Parts & Labor Brewery Saturday night from 5-7, or on site Sunday morning at 6am. RACE BEGINS AT 7!!

About Bryce:

Bryce (A Sterling local) was involved as a passenger in a roll-over accident on a country road, His friend Conner was passing a parked semi-truck and hit soft gravel. This caused him to lose control of his pick up and they rolled 3-4 times landing on the wheels. Bryce was not wearing his seat-belt and was ejected from the vehicle. Conner was wearing his and exited the truck through his driver's window. Bryce was unresponsive and Conner could not find a cell phone. He rushed to the semi driver who called 911. Joann at this time knew something was wrong, as she was receiving messages that the boys were late picking up other football players for a day camp. She came upon the scene but the boys had already been transported to our local hospital. Bryce was stabilized and airlifted to Children's Hospital. Once there he was evaluated and a "bolt" place in his head to monitor swelling and help relieve the swelling. In the last few hours he is responding to nurses' commands to squeeze hands and moving his feet. The family appreciates your prayers and we will keep you informed as we get updates. #brycestrong #buckleupforbryce